How to Build a Resilient Supply Chain When Facing a Global Recession

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Even with interest rates on the rise, many large companies are still flush with cash, however, they can still feel the pressure of a recession due to financial risks associated with smaller suppliers in their supply chain: many small private companies are feeling the crunch with heavy debt loads. Now they're spending what’s left of their limited capital (garnered from pandemic support programs) to keep the lights on.

As a large company, if you have not been thinking about the financial risk associated with the smaller companies and suppliers in your supply chain, you could end up taking on the financial burden.

Watch RapidRatings and Resilinc as we discuss:

  • How Increasing interest rates, rising inflation costs, and continued supply chain disruptions have all contributed to the creation of a perfect storm of post-pandemic issues.
  • Discover how borrowing costs rose across the economy and 10-year treasury above 3% in May and June and what implications that will have on the future.
  • Best practices to increase visibility and resiliency in your overall supply chain when facing major disruptions.
  • How to assess possible disruptions early and mitigate them with minimal impact.
  • How Resilinc and RapidRatings can help in enabling customers to create a more resilient supply chain, mitigate risk, and reduce revenue loss.