Instant Supply Chain Visibility Software

HealthMark® Supply Chain Technology for SCRM

Your supply chain is central to the purpose and function of your business. Our solution allows you to proactively monitor your global supply chain and identify potential risks before they become disruptions.
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HealthMark® SCRM software can instantly identify risk hotspots as part of your supply chain risk management strategy.

On-demand analysis of 100m+ suppliers worldwide can help you evaluate current and prospective suppliers.

You can access a free Supply Chain Health Check* to understand your proportional exposure to high-risk or very high-risk suppliers and get a view on those risks by industry category including sectoral financial insights by leverage, cash ratio and margin.

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Instant insights will improve your SCRM, supply chain planning, strategy, and risk mitigation.

The supply chain technology suite of HealthMark and FHR® combine for deeper analysis into critical suppliers’ financial health and give you actionable reports including detailed guidance on leading productive discussions with suppliers around specific areas of concern.