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In the pandemic era, everyone has a risk point-of-view. But success, now and in the future, will depend on meaningful business relationships and greater trust.

With an introductory note from our Chief Client Officer, Nitin K. Walia, this eBook illustrates the important (and changing viewpoints) across enterprise organizations and the critical suppliers that support them. Read how risk management—as a concept—and practice presents new, foundational opportunities through the lens of financial health for:

  • Sourcing & Category Managers
  • Supply Chain Risk Managers
  • Procurement Leaders
  • and Finance Chiefs

From new tools for supplier relationship management to techniques for modern soothsaying, discover how to more closely collaborate with your teammates, departments, vendors, and third parties by enhancing your current workflows and building upon existing relationships via a common, data-based language.


"If there isn't sharing of information and there isn't transparency, then it can only be an arm's-length relationship and a commoditized relationship, where someone is buying something from someone else as opposed to being strategically aligned."
- James H. Gellert, CEO & Chairman, RapidRatings in
Retail Dive